A virus is bankrupting the world. Clubs, bars and festivals are slowly shutting down for good. And shaky government help isn’t making enough of a difference. Everybody has seen a year and a half of online parties and little to no party goers unleash their inner party animal. Desperados believes that we all can help save the scene by giving people something worth dancing for.

Desperados has asked us:

To attract more attention to the campaign by:

  • creating an influencer concept, activating a pool of influencers that match the brand and being responsible for the content creation and approval.
  • getting media representatives excited about the initiative and achieving national coverage


In 2020, virtual parties became the new normal as a way to connect with friends. But as time went on, experiences that once were exciting and new, eventually felt like they were blending with one another. ​To reenergise the party scene, Desperados created Desperados Go – a new platform which elevates the party scene by bringing to life a mix of virtual and hybrid – physical and digital – experiences that go beyond the obvious.​



Desperados will be supporting the party scene as it tries to recover from challenging times. ​For this Partygoers were able to experience Rave to Save, a dance-powered fundraising tool that helps the local community. Putting consumers in control of helping their fan-favourite venue Desperados counted users dance steps and donates money for every dance move made at its parties. 

A specially designed app (available on IOS and Google PlayStore) using a built-in pedometer and gyroscope was invented for this. All the money goes straight to save the club and with a simple click users are also able to make their own monetary donation should they choose. The goal: Raise as much money possible to save the scene in cities around the world.


With 8 weeks preparation time we got all settled to accompany 4 local events that were livestream via Event Partner Beatport on Youtube/Facebook starting March 20th until April 27th 2021.

The recruiting of the party-interested audience in the pre-phase as well as the communication of the App availability was mainly based on local influencer and media relations and included:

  • Influencer & Artist Relations as well as content development
  • Media Relations on Launch and local execution of events in Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne.
  • Comprehensive Media Cooperation alignments included cross-media packages (Print, Digital, Social media)
  • Live Community Management on Youtube


Media Relations

  • 1 national TV integration
  • 13 earned media coverage pieces
  • 18 paid media content pieces
  • Media reach: 408 Mio. in Germany

Influencer Relations

  • 11 national influencer created 51 content pieces 
  • Influencer reach: 3,1 Mio. impressions in Germany
  • More than 55.000 € were donated for Club scene in Germany
  • 5,000 ravers danced more than 5 million steps