Inspire Therapy is an innovative treatment option for patients with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) who are unable to wear the CPAP mask.
The challenge: Not many patients in Germany are aware of this treatment option and the CPAP mask is still being prescribed by doctors as standard treatment.

Our task was to increase awareness of the Inspire Therapy in Germany and to encourage potential patients to call a treatment centre.


This entailed us entirely realigning the brand. Every month, we are now establishing verifiable contacts between potential patients and treatment centres as well as ensuring effective exchanges of information among OSA patients.
We developed a new visual identity including a high-profile key visual. And we developed some robust messaging which we then brought to life on social media, in search engines and in the relevant print media.

We also developed an extensive German-language website, including concept, design and programming (Typo3). This website provides a wide variety of relevant content on the topic of sleep apnoea, treatment methods and the innovative Inspire method. Furthermore, extensive patient videos and info graphics were created which convey the benefits of the new treatment method.

All content is optimised for search engines and a well-conceived user guidance system brings visitors to an unambiguous call to action: Find the nearest treatment centre. Call it. Make an appointment.





In order to bring the relevant messages to the target groups via the various channels, all marketing activities from search engine marketing to social media advertising are optimally tracked and continuously optimized. Today 15% of website visitors are looking for a treatment center and 18% of them actually call there.