The Berlin Republic has seriously shaken the association landscape and many associations find themselves in a dilemma: their major members are looking for direct access to ministries and key decision-makers. New organisations have come to the fore which are often involved in a particular issue but one with which they can arguably profile themselves. Organisation based on the smallest denominator is often the only possibility left for classic lobbyists in a certain sector.

With our Corporate and Public Affairs Team in Berlin, we work for numerous organisations which are probing the political terrain as an association, club, NGO or even as an individual company, and hoping to make their positions heard. We help international organisations and corporations such as the Canadian state of Ontario, for example, to find their way within the complex German political landscape or to advertise for investors.

In summary: at the interface between politics, society and business, we organize campaigns, initiate dialogues and debates, help to formulate and represent positions – and ensure visibility in a complex environment.


  • Policy Monitoring
  • Political Communication
  • Public Campaigning
  • Site Marketing
  • Public Affairs
  • Reputation Management