In Germany, the historic transfer of government functions from Bonn to Berlin, i.e. the "Berlin Republic," stirred up the interest group landscape and left many organizations faced with a quandary: Larger actors seek out direct access to ministries and key decision makers. New organizations have also entered the playing field with expertise in special issues and thus often a unique edge. Traditional industry lobbyists often choose the lowest common denominator.

With our Corporate and Public Affairs team in Berlin, we are active for numerous associations, NGOs, and individual companies that explore political terrain and work to make their positions heard. We develop political communication campaigns for federal and state ministries as well as other public sector entities, including the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Our campaigns help explain the main pillars of the energy transition in Germany or communicate topics related to tomorrow's economy such as diversity, family-friendly policies, and factories of the future. We help foreign organizations and entities like the Canadian province of Ontario navigate their way through the complex world of German policy or also attract investors.

In short: We work at the crossroads between politics, society, and business to organize campaigns, initiate dialog and debates, and specify and support positions. Plus, we work to boost visibility in a sometimes overcrowded political terrain.


  • Policy Monitoring
  • Political Communication
  • Public Campaigning
  • Location Marketing
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Reputation Managementt