The world of fashion, lifestyle and beauty is an industry like any other. Life is simple. And the Earth is flat. There's no doubt that anyone who wants to hold their own with their company and its brands on these fiercely competitive, volatile and sometimes crazy markets, establish an emotional connection with their customers and keep on exciting people doesn't just have to get up pretty early in the morning, they need a well-rested agency partner by their side.

And that's just our thing. We develop communication with a kick and a bite, brains and more bang for the buck for some of the most successful brands in the fashion world, as well as leading beauty and lifestyle brands. We can do it because we see the story behind the product or uncover it, because we can spot trends early on and analyze them. And because we don't just have theoretical knowledge of what contemporary market strategies are supposed to look like, we also show in practice how to activate good ideas to make them captivating. The fact that good communications marketing can have an impact on society can be seen in the multi-award-winning Dove campaigns.

Specifically, our service spectrum comprises the entire range of classic product PR for new launches, events and promotional actions to CSR strategies and cooperation partnerships. We support many of our customers in issues management, such as debates over content, fair trade and social responsibility, dialog with critical stakeholders, NGOs or media representatives.

We bring them together with opinion leaders and trendsetters, bloggers, fashionistas and other kings and queens of buzz in the analog and digital world alike.


  • Product PR
  • Content Marketing
  • Blogger & Influencer Relations
  • Media Relations
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing
  • Procuct Launches
  • Events
  • POS Communication
  • Issues Management
  • Film & Video