Despite its status as a leading industry, the chemical industry currently has a difficult position in Germany. Several topics in this sector are so complex that they are highly difficult to communicate to the average citizen. Large plants, supposedly risky production processes and waste disposal issues - these issues are often perceived as frightening.

Yet we also often fail to neglect the advantages that we derive from this industry, its economic contribution, its level of innovation, and its compliance with exceedingly high national standards. The consequences can often be fatal: approval processes for the construction of a new plant or a pipeline often result in the more fundamental questioning of a company's "license to operate." The chemical industry has a communications problem.

We provide solutions (not pesky formulas) to help chemical companies become stronger communicators. Our team develops national and international positionings, PR programs, stakeholder and media campaigns. Particularly in the chemical industry, it is essential to be able to draw on PR and public affairs to establish and maintain relations with actors from politics and civil society, all from a single source. Our international presence also allows us to support chemical companies with the development of global strategies.


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