We are often asked about our traineeship at university events and job fairs. To give you a better impression of the traineeship at Edelman, we asked Stefanie Zeidler, Head of Learning & Development, the most frequently asked questions. 

EDL: People who apply to Edelman usually already have a bachelor's degree and various internships behind them. Why do you need a traineeship after years of education? 
SZ: That's a good question that students are quite legitimately asking. Graduates who start with us are usually trained at the cutting edge of their field. They are familiar with the latest research findings, tools, and trends. That's why they work in project and client teams from day one. Where they lack knowledge or experience, such as in strategic consulting for clients, integrated design, or Edelman specifics like the Trust Barometer, we support them with training, mentoring, and continuous knowledge exchange. 

EDL: How is the traineeship structured? 
SZ: As I said, the candidates will already have a lot of knowledge, so the main goal in the 12 months of the traineeship is to gain experience. And the best way to get that is by learning on the job. In addition, there is at least one seminar a month, e.g. on client centricity, conflict management or agency management. Of course, trainees can also take part in the academy offerings we have for the entire agency. So you get input from your client team and from the special units. In the regular trainee calls, you can also discuss topics outside of daily business.  

EDL: Are there any special highlights? 
SZ: That probably depends on who you ask. For many graduates, the permanent employment contract is a highlight that not many agencies offer. Personally, I look forward to the Trainee Camp, where we bring together the trainees from our offices for two days of conceptual training. It's very intensive and exhausting, but also a lot of fun (and not just because of the fun evenings). It’s true to the motto: What happens at the camp stays at the camp.