Every year, digital agencies publish their annual trends predictions, complete with wide-reaching philosophical banter and ethereal references to unattainable technologies. We also love to look ahead, preparing both our teams and our clients for what the coming year has in store. But at Edelman Digital, we think about trends a bit differently. Our goal is to cut through the hype and pressure test how current technology and consumer behavior can be leveraged for business success.

In this year's report, we will feature subject matter experts from around the globe to define nine strategic trends happening in the digital space. Each trend maintained a place in this year's report if we could provide strategic insight and actionable implementation recommendations to address a relevant business challenge.

Shiny new objects aren't worth the money if you don't have a proper plan for implementation and adoption across your organization. That's why we consider how organizations need to prepare, while offering immediate and actionable perspective on what cannot be left behind. Through it all, we hold fast to the belief that when any organization is capable of breaking down silos and getting internal teams to work together, the real advancement happens.

Our intention in these chapters is to set the guideposts that help us help our clients' businesses advance through technology, innovation and best practices. This approach is future and now. Because at Edelman Digital, we are helping our clients transform their organizations for tomorrow.

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