MAXION WHEELS is the world’s largest wheel manufacturer, producing approximately 60 million wheels each year. MAXION WHEELS approached Edelman because they needed to strengthen and elevate their reputation as an innovation partner of the industry who helps serve future mobility needs. 

MAXION WHEELS asked us to:

  • rework MAXION WHEELS’ existing three websites 
  • merge them into one single online presence


  1. Strengthen and enhance MAXION WHEELS’ existing visual identity in order to convey its brand value and its points of differentiation. Make it ready for the digital world.
  2. Then merge the existing highly fragmented online presence into one central website which meets the new objective in structure, content, design & execution.


Edelman developed a new design system for MAXION WHEELS that enhanced the existing corporate design to match the new objectives and works on digital channels. Via the integration of new design elements Edelman helped strengthen the brand’s core competency as a dynamic and vivid innovation expert – horizontally moving design elements and typography symbolize the forward movement, the central promise of the automotive industry. The additional definition of an extended color palette and the rework of the typography system helped sharpen the brand’s qualities: MAXION WHEELS is a mobility enabler who is always in motion to create future solutions for mobility.


Edelman developed a completely new UX design & information architecture to reorganize the large amount of information. All content has been completely reworked and updated under the guidance of Edelman’s SEO experts. This includes editorial content about MAXION WHEELS’ many products & solutions, the company, career opportunities and special thought leadership content. Edelman also created sophisticated and powerful imagery exclusively for the new website. The new design system was then leveraged to create a web design that is modern, clear and responsive, and celebrates MAXION WHEELS as THE partner of the industry – enabling the future of mobility. The website was developed using TYPO3 technology, resulting in a robust, future-ready system capable of dealing with a massive amount of content with complex hierarchies that are still easy to navigate.


The new MAXION WHEELS website conveys the new, desired MAXION WHEELS image. 

It now serves as the central touchpoint for all information around MAXION WHEELS: The central hub for thought leadership content and detailed product information. It presents all comprehensive, search-engine-optimized content in a responsive and user-friendly way. It serves as an integral component for the company’s social media activities.