Many countries have plans to restructure their energy supply or have already begun this transition. There is, therefore, a huge demand for solutions, technology and know-how. The German “energy revolution” acts as a model in this context and German know-how is essential. Germany is involved in bilateral partnerships all over the world in an effort to support restructuring and deliver examples of “best practice”, while also learning from its international partners.


Edelman drew up an extensive communication program for the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology which visualises the energy revolution and German involvement at international level. To this aim, individual online platforms were designed, programmed and edited for a total of eight countries, enabling the country-specific development status of the energy revolution to be documented and made available to the public.

This involved designing, developing and making available a repertoire of extremely flexible content modules which can be used for compiling the individual national websites and filling them with content.

From a technical perspective, theses websites are based on a Typo3 system. Separate extensions were programmed for some of the modules, e.g. for content elements involving special info graphics.

Via Theming, the countries can also select their own color themes for their respective websites.


So far, a total of eight very different country websites have been put online, each in up to three language versions, with the help of which the individual progress of local energy system transformation can be documented and followed.