Alete, one of Germany’s most traditional brands, has been independent since 2015 when it joined forces with us to enter the modern age. Edelman Deutschland has been the lead agency advising the baby food brand since its hive-off from the parent company Nestlé. We have attributed Alete a new personality, launching it on entirely new channels, and winning the hearts of many “small explorers” and their parents.

Authentic, promoting identification, accessible and without pointing any fingers: this is the new Alete brand, how it communicates with young mothers on digital channels and this is also what it looks like. Family life is colourful, sometimes wild, sometimes annoying, and it is often a mess when food is involved. We wanted to show what the lives of young parents really look like. Edelman Deutschland was able to convince with this repositioning proposal and take immediate responsibility for communication.

This was followed by photo shoots for motifs which are clearly distinguished from the perfect worlds portrayed by the competition, fresh communication at eye level on the channels typically and primarily used by mothers (Facebook, Instagram), a playful website with smart features, classic advertising in parent media and an extensive PR concept.

The new Alete grows and prospers. In doing so, we rely above all on the Edelman-typical combination of "earned centric", "social by design" and "intelligently promoted". This is shown by the mainly organically growing communities on Facebook and Instagram. Since mid-August, we have recorded an increase of over 13,000 new fans and followers. In addition, in the last 13 months on Facebook alone, there were almost 20,500 generated user comments in 226 posts by Alete. With Facebook Like-Ads and Page Post-Ads we support the continuous growth and will continue to focus on digital channels and direct communication. We also support this through performance-oriented search engine optimization, which makes Alete and its products easier and faster to find on the net.