Marketing, PR and communication are dynamic areas which can no longer be regarded distinctly thanks to the digital developments of recent years. In fact, these areas are increasingly merging and it is inconceivable to think of them as being individual and separate. Integrative communication concepts are therefore a response to the modern challenges faced by companies – and increasingly by those in the healthcare sector. We developed such a response for our client Abiomed, a manufacturer of innovative heart pumps: a holistic 360° approach. Abiomed’s target group – both specialists and patients – is increasingly out and about in cyberspace on their quest for relevant information. For this reason and in addition to the classic channels of specialist communication, Edelman developed two websites for specific target groups and an interactive terminal application for trade fairs and conferences.


The website is directed towards heart patients and their families. In a modern, interactive and easily comprehensible way, it offers extensive information on heart disease, the corresponding treatment options and Impella heart pumps in particular. The range of information is rounded off with other patients’ stories, a clinic search and a comprehensive glossary of topics.
The patient website is entirely optimized for use on mobile end devices. The content is also optimized for search engines and was likewise developed by us.


The website was specially optimised for the information requirements of healthcare professionals/specialists, providing them with information on the special therapy options with Impella while also offering additional field reports from university clinics as well as information on conferences and events. The website is bilingual (German and English).


The interactive “Impella Heart Pump” terminal application provides users with extensive information on how the innovative Impella heart pumps work, where they are used and other useful information. To this aim, numerous interactive info graphic modules and animations were created.

The extensive application was realised in two languages and developed for use on interactive terminals at trade fairs and conferences.
The entire terminal application was designed, developed and technically implemented by Edelman. All content (text, info graphic elements etc.) was developed by Edelman.


The indications of cardiogenic shock as well as protected high-risk coronary intervention (protected PCI), offer the possibility of using classical channels to reach target groups. For this purpose, Edelman has invited specialist journalists to a series of cardiological congresses and provided them with extensive press material. In addition to fact sheets on the Impella product family, it also included background information on cardiogenic shock and protected PCI. In order to be able to present the complex contents in a simplified way, Edelman designed and developed an infographic which enables the viewer to acquire basic knowledge quickly and easily.