Laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart TV - consumer technology has advanced to an everyday part of our lives. We use our smartphone to organize life at the office and at home. In the evening, we sit on the couch and watch videos with office laptop. And somewhere in between an app measures laps jogged around the park.

The virtually ubiquitous availability of communications and consumer technology presents new challenges for PR. In an increasingly saturated market, manufacturers and providers need to find new and different communications strategies than the ones they used in the recent past. Consumers today are critical about the value of yet another gadget or service. Why buy a sports watch when a smartphone can record laps around the track? Why subscribe to a premium service when a free app already does the trick?

Edelman has successfully launched numerous consumer technology products and services and provided effective communications support: PC hardware, mobile phones, entertainment services, hi-fi products, and digital brands. Microsoft Xbox is just one of these products.

We pour our creative talent and energy into conveying the specific benefits of products as clearly and tangibly as possible. We have journalists and bloggers test noise-canceling headphones in a plane, for example, and then report on their experience - online or offline and always social by design. That's just one example among many. Don't worry, we never fail in finding the stories inside your products and services. And we always tell them so that they reach their audience on all channels - with maximum bang for the buck!


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