Laptop, smartphone, tablet, smart TV – consumer technology has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. We use our smartphones to organise our office routines and our free time. We use our office notebooks to watch films at home in the evening on the couch. And in between, an app analyses our sporting achievements as we jog through the park.

The almost seamless availability of communication technology and consumer electronics represents new challenges for PR. In an increasingly saturated market, manufacturers and providers need to communicate differently than only a few years ago. Consumers nowadays ask themselves about the benefits of an additional gadget or service. When your own smartphone records your jog, why buy a sports watch as well? When the free app supplies the requisite results, why subscribe to the premium service?

Edelman Deutschland has successfully launched a range of consumer technology products and services onto the market and supported them in terms of communication: PC hardware, mobile phones, entertainment offerings, HiFi products and digital brands. One such product is Microsoft Xbox, for example.

Our creative ambition is to communicate the specific advantages of products and services as clearly as possible. We let journalists and bloggers test noise-cancelling headphones while flying – and then report on them online, offline, social by design. This is just one example of many. So, don’t worry: we find the stories inside your products and services. And we tell them in such a way that they reach their respective audience in all media channels – with maximum bang for your buck!



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