Auditing companies, management consulting companies, law firms – they all face the challenge of advertising their respective special performance profiles and consulting approaches, in some cases within the very tight boundaries of professional regulations. Much of this is initially abstract. Only clients experience whether they are in fact capable of fulfilling their performance promises.

The trick for us is to use our clients’ processes to generate topics, to unite their intellectual assets with current events in such a way that interesting and relevant stories evolve – for demanding decision-makers in companies, for some very specific target groups such as judges, but also for a broader public. Theme workshops, storytelling, content management, content marketing, newsroom services and media relations – these are consequently the most important services which we provide in this area. The fact that our consultants and editors themselves have a legal background, have worked as management consultants or both, is a major advantage.

For more than 20 years, we have been regularly working for global auditing companies, internationally-aligned law firms and management consulting companies. We help them to obtain an edge in competitive markets, in some cases even as a performance partner when it comes to assuming the communications side of things for complex tasks such as restructuring or transactions.

One particular focus is also our work for insolvency administrators whom we support in insolvency situations with their clients where every word counts.


  • Content Marketing
  • Content Management
  • Newsroom Services
  • Media Relations
  • Insolvency Communication
  • Crisis Communication
  • Change Communication
  • Restructuring Communication
  • M&A Communication