In the media and entertainment industry, we operate on the technology and infrastructure end of the spectrum, collaborating with satellite providers for Astra and SES or the HDTV provider, as well as on the content end.

We support companies in the entertainment industry with new stations, program launches, and merchandising. For publishing and media companies, advertisers and market researchers, we provide advice on positioning products, services, and business models - in markets and vis-à-vis clients and investors.

The foundation for our work is a unique set of skills that is also a rare find in our field: a profound understanding of the media market, its characteristics, peculiarities, and business models, paired with our communications marketing resources.

Our team consists of colleagues who spent years in leading positions at media companies and major broadcasters, former executives who launched new stations and shaped new programs and corporate images.

Depending on individual project requirements, they collaborate closely with our marketing, digital, tech, capital market and other specialists, and draw on the resources of the global Edelman network, for example our colleagues in Los Angeles. The results? Memorable campaigns and plenty of awards.


  • Strategic Consulting
  • Campaigning
  • External Communications
  • Internal Communications
  • Content Marketing & Corporate Publishing
  • Newsroom Services
  • Media Relations, Influencer & Blogger Relations
  • Media and Corporate Events
  • Film & Video
  • Social Media & Digital Marketing