It is the backbone of German industry – an economic engine, a driver of innovation, a guarantor of employment and an engine of exports: engineering. Many companies, even those worth billions and enjoying global positions, often feature a medium-sized organisation and are family-owned.
This shows the balancing act to be mastered by many companies: being at home in high-wage Germany while asserting themselves in global competition. Tapping new customer bases with new requirements via new channels without losing sight of their own strengths. Mastering a transformation into a digital future while motivating their own employees.
We support many companies during these challenging transformation and adaptation processes. We do so by helping them to hold their own with a strong employer brand in the “war for talents”. By collaborating with them to develop change programs and offer communicative support, including and particularly in difficult situations such as restructuring or relocations.
It goes without saying that we support businesses with the entire A-Z of positioning, developing claims, corporate designs and brand architectures, steering B2B marketing campaigns from the website to POI communication at trade fairs and other events, providing support in media activity, both nationally and internationally. And we help them to present themselves on the capital market – e.g. during the course of IPOs, bond issues or transactions.
The fact that we are a family company with a global position is of course very helpful – many topics are familiar to us first-hand and on the basis of our experience. Not least because of this, many German engineering and technology companies rely on us as their partner, including some icons of industry of international renown. For this we are thankful – and a little bit proud.


  • Corporate Communications
  • Employer Branding
  • Internal Communications
  • Change and Crisis Communications
  • Financial Communications