The food and beverages industry has long been more than being about making people full. Social conflicts are resolved on the plates and tables of our republic. You are what you eat! Nutrition and health, fast food, slow food, functional food, convenience food, chilled food. Vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian. What is proper food, how it is produced and how it makes its way to our tables – our daily bread has become a highly-complex and exceedingly controversial minefield.

Edelman has been on the ground with this difficult topic for many years. We support producers, manufacturers, branded companies and retailers in recharging their brands and positioning concepts. We help you to position yourself safely, recognise and utilise trends, and be prepared for crises in difficult issues relating to health, ethics and consumer protection. We develop successful communication strategies and platforms, including concerning controversial topics, and bring them to life, to name but a few areas within our range of services.

This works because our food PR team has an ideal and interdisciplinary makeup. Communications strategists and nutrition experts, national and international colleagues in market research, brand management, media relations or issues management collaborate closely in this regard, incidentally, contradicting the idea that too many cooks spoil the broth.



  • Brand Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Media, Lifestyle, and Launch Events
  • Trade and Public PR activities
  • Communication with Multipliers
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • CSR and Good Purpose Marketing