Food and beverage is about much more than stilling hunger and quenching thirst. Our nation's tables and plates have become social battlegrounds. You are what you eat. Nutrition and health, fast food, slow food, functional food, convenience food, chilled food. Vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian. What good food means, how it is made and how it arrives on our table - our daily bread has become the subject of a number of controversies.

Edelman has been navigating this difficult terrain for many years. We have supported growers, manufacturers, branded companies, and trade in recharging their brands and publicizing issues. With difficult topics related to health, ethics, and consumer protection, we help you adopt a clear stance, recognize and capitalize on trends and be well-prepared for crises. We also develop successful communication strategies and platforms that revolve around controversial topics and bring them to life - just to name a few points along our range of services.

And it works because our interdisciplinary food PR team makes use of all the right ingredients. Communication strategists and nutrition experts, national and international team members from market research, brand management, media relations or issues management work in close proximity. Contrary to popular belief, too many cooks don't always spoil the broth!


  • Brand Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Media, Lifestyle, and Launch Events
  • Trade and General Press Relations
  • Communication with Multipliers
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Corporate Communications
  • CSR and Good Purpose Marketing