Availability, speed, prudence, the requisite resources – theory is not much use in serious crises, whereas experience and routine process are everything. Edelman Deutschland, therefore, has its own team which specialises in crises and exceptional situations and provides clients with support in the event of product recalls, operational disruptions and other acute crises. If necessary, on site, 24/7, unconditionally, and at international level if required.

Having said that, our understanding of crisis communication is more extensive. We help companies to prepare systematically for crisis situations. We develop crisis manuals for clients in the particularly sensitive foodstuffs industry and aviation, for example, and use crisis training and realistic simulations to help them to optimally prepare their teams for possible situations.

For many companies, we are also the partner of choice when it comes to structural crises – when a location needs to be closed, financing expires or even the threat of insolvency looms. We support them during long-term restructuring measures and help them to develop and implement change programmes, assert themselves over competitors, gain employee commitment and convince investors. For medium-sized companies in particular which do not have their own resources, we are a tried-and-trusted partner in such situations – and often remain so well beyond the critical phase.


  • Development of Strategies and Concepts to Protect the Client’s Reputation
  • Change and Restructuring Communication
  • Bankruptcy and Litigation Communication
  • Employer Engagement Programs
  • Media and Camera Training
  • Assumption of speaker functions
  • Crisis Manuals
  • Crisis Simulations
  • Social Media Consulting and Community Management


If you have questions or would like support, please reach out to our Corporate Reputation team: crisis-germany@edelman.com