The customer is king: since consumers have been able to compare products and prices world-wide practically at a click of the mouse, many business models and brand strategies have been turned upside down. The digital revolution is devouring its young – and this has far-reaching implications for wholesale, retail and the FMCG industry in particular. Only those who manage to credibly launch their brands in the digital world will have the opportunity to continue to be part of the relevant set.
This is tough. After all, today's customers are challenging companies in an entirely different way now than only a few years ago. They not only want good quality at the most reasonable price but also want to know the conditions under which goods are manufactured and distributed.
The more general public sector has also become a less cosy place for companies. NGOs, bloggers and other new influencers are critically monitoring companies at every step and can upset sales plans within the shortest of margins – for better or for worse.
And this is exactly where we apply our expertise. We help companies to assert their position within the competition, tap new target groups, adapt their corporate and brand narrative to contemporary times, and also to protect their brands. It goes without saying that digital, social brand campaigns as well as CSR programmes or reputation management and crisis communication are now just as much part of our experts’ repertoire.
In-house market analyses such as our Earned Brand study help us to illuminate the digital space, obtaining a better understanding of consumers – this is absolutely necessary in order to generate and maintain buzz about our clients.


  • Brand Marketing
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Lifestyle and Launch Events
  • Trade and Public Consumer PR
  • Communication with Multipliers
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Corporate Communication
  • CSR and Purpose-Driven Marketing