"The customer is always right." Online shopping and the rise of international price comparisons has upended many established business models and brand strategies. The digital revolution is devouring its children. Especially in wholesale, retail, and the FMCG industry, the consequences are wide-ranging. In order to survive and remain a part of this relevant set, companies need to create an authentic image for their brand in the digital world.

It's a tough audience. Modern consumers are presenting companies with a whole new set of challenges than the ones they tackled just a few years ago. Quality at a good price is just one part of the equation; today, consumers also want to know how goods are made and distributed.

The general public sphere can also be an inhospitable place for businesses. NGOs, bloggers and other new influencers follow their every move and can quickly derail sales targets - for better or for worse. This is exactly where we apply our expertise. We help businesses to position themselves among their competitors, gain access to new audiences, continue their corporate and brand narratives in a new age, and also protect their brands. Digital and social brand campaigns, CSR programs, reputation management, and crisis communication are all part of our skill set as communications experts.

In-house market analyses like our Earned Brand study help us to shed light on the digital environment and get a better grasp on consumers - an essential prerequisite for making our clients part of the conversation, now and tomorrow.


  • Brand Marketing
  • E-Commerce Marketing
  • Lifestyle and Launch Events
  • Trade and Consumer PR
  • Communication with Multipliers
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Corporate Communication
  • CSR and Purpose-Driven Marketing