Whether you think big, small, or somewhere in between, the IT and telecommunications industry is comprised of an incredibly diverse set of businesses. The industry label applies to young tech startups as well as some of the world’s wealthiest corporations, from niche players to global brands. As one of the largest active communications consultancies in the world, we have a global tech team with our own experts in Silicon Valley, for example, as well as excellent tech expertise in important key markets and segments, which of course includes Germany.

This breadth makes us the perfect partner for the communication needs of both globally active IT businesses and smaller, highly specialized tech startups.

The biggest challenge always lies in taking complex technologies and often inconspicuous products and giving them tangible, attractive storylines. Our team not only knows a thing or two about technology, but also about how to market it to ensure a clear and convincing reception by both specialists and everyday consumers – people like you and me.  


  • B2B/B2C Campaigns
  • Brand Marketing
  • Consumer Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Trade PR
  • Internal and External Corporate Communication
  • Change Supervision
  • Issues and Crisis Communication