No other key industry has undergone as much fundamental change in recent years as the energy sector. The energy revolution, withdrawal from the nuclear energy programme, development of a new infrastructure for alternative and sustainable energy – the rules of the game have changed entirely, old truths have been thrown overboard, and the once clearly divided market has been set in motion.
We have had a front-row view of these trends for years. As the only lead agency of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and a current project partner, we have been and still are directly involved in communicating every aspect of the energy revolution to the citizens of Germany. On the industrial side, we work for companies in all areas along the energy value-added chain. Our clients include major energy producers as well as new suppliers of geothermal energy, wind power and solar energy, and energy traders with innovative business models. We support network operators but also their suppliers, such as manufacturers of high-voltage lines and transformers.
They all appreciate our combination – probably unique in Germany – of technical competence, political oversight, excellent networking and the range of services offered by a full-service agency.


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