Few industries are faced with such a fundamental transformation as the financial services industries - in nearly all areas. Due to low interest rates, traditional business models are at a crossroads, and fintech companies are making waves, whether with payment apps or robo-investing solutions. ETFs are attracting millions from investors and placing strong pressure on actively managed funds, while blockchains are revolutionizing transactions. Yet another factor is deep-seated mistrust - a longstanding problem for banks, and not just since the latest financial crisis.

Edelman has long-term experience working for international and national banks, investment companies, fintech enterprises, banking associations, as well as leasing and factoring companies. Our knowledge of the industry and its topics is virtually unparalleled in the German market. The services that we offer our clients vary accordingly.

We support banks in making necessary changes, forging new paths to their customers, and rejuvenating and protecting their brands. For international investment companies, we often serve as the point of entry to the attractive German market. And we support fintechs on their path to success.


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