Hardly any other sector is currently undergoing as fundamental and radical change as the financial services industry – and in practically every area. Traditional business models are reaching their limits in view of consistently low interest rates, while fintech companies are stirring up the scene in the form of payment apps or robo-investing solutions. ETFs are attracting billions in investor assets and actively exerting pressure on managed funds, while blockchains are revolutionising transactions. This is compounded by a tremendous degree of distrust targeted towards banks and not just since the last financial crisis.
Edelman has been working for many years for international and national banks, investment companies, fintech companies, banking associations, leasing and factoring companies. We know the sector and its issues better than any other player on the German market. And our tasks are correspondingly diversified.
We support banks in designing the requisite level of change, finding new ways of approaching their clients, recharging and protecting their brands. We are often the entry portal to the attractive German market for international investment companies. And we support fintech companies on their growth path.



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