Thomas Walther

Thomas Walther

At Edelman Germany Thomas Walther's job is to prepare the agency for the ever-evolving communicative requirements of the future. Contemporary communication requires trained specialists who in turn need both a sense of security and plenty of creative leeway. Thomas Walther strives to unleash the whole potential of collaboration across different boundaries - from specialized expertise to various disciplines - without neglecting core business and the necessary experts.

Thomas Walther stepped into the new position of Head of Strategic Development at Edelman Germany in the spring of 2015. Since then, he has provided support in terms of the agency's strategic orientation and is responsible for building and expanding the Strategic Planning team.

With a background in online concept design in the new economy, Thomas Walther's various different roles in digital, advertising, and network agencies helped him become a versatile strategist with an in-depth understanding of the needs of countless different creative and communications specialists. He also has a strong personal investment - including emotional ties - to the many possible options that come with digitally designed communications. His expertise ranges from digital platform design to the strategic planning of multichannel advertising campaigns and the development of international communications strategies to strategic consulting related to digital brand and communications management.

In 1998, Thomas Walther wrapped up his interdisciplinary studies in media planning, development, and consulting at the University of Siegen with an advanced degree in media studies, an accomplishment that also happened to coincide with the rise of the new economy. Lured by its promise, he took a job as an online concept designer in 1999 at PopNet Kommunikation in Hamburg, working for brands such as Maggi, CeBIT, and Volkswagen and subsequently followed the changing digital tasks of main client Volkswagen as Head of Concept Development, Planning Director, and Head of Planning in a number of other agencies including PopNet, BBDO Proximity, and Tribal DDB. There Thomas Walther made the switch from digital to advertising communications in 2008 and became a senior planner for various multichannel campaigns for Deutsche Telekom and other clients. Starting from 2012, Thomas Walther became Senior Strategy Director at Blast Radius and consulted for clients like Nivea, Castrol, and Novartis on issues related to global digital communications and brand positioning before coming to Edelman in 2015.

Thomas Walther never forgot the advice of a beloved former boss: When at parties, carve out some alone time; when in the city, spend some time petting the sheep.