Manuel Frank

Manuel Frank

Making Edelman Germany even more creative, spearheading the shift to a full-service communications marketing agency, and - the essential ingredient - having a lot of fun while doing it. Manuel Frank loves his job. Who else - apart from inventors, perhaps - gets to spend so much of their day coming up with new ideas?

Manuel Frank has been in charge of the Creative department at the Berlin office of Edelman since 2014. His team functions as a hub within Germany, working with all other offices and developing creative solutions for clients from highly diverse sectors. On top of that, he is Creative Lead at Edelman STUDIOS for all creative video projects, as well as part of the Global Creative Leadership Team within the global Edelman network.

Manuel Frank originally hails from advertising and worked his way up the ladder from junior copywriter to creative director at various different agencies. With his classic campaign approach, he tackles his projects as separate from their respective channel or communicative discipline. And indeed, global master campaigns, launched in several countries, have always been a key component of Edelman's work. Manuel Frank has vast experience in print, radio, TV, and OOH as well as in digital advertising and platform development.

Alongside his duties at Edelman Germany, Manuel Frank is a speaker for the Art Director's Club in Germany and as a lecturer at Texterschmiede, the renowned copywriter's mecca in Hamburg.

After trying on different careers to no avail, Manuel Frank discovered a new job profile: the copywriter. He signed on with an agency and began a part-time degree in marketing. His path led him through a various stations, from small creative hot shops to major network agencies and from Munich to Berlin via Hamburg. During this time, he gained experience in the development of large national and international projects - for clients like Audi, GSK, Volkswagen, Telekom, Harley-Davidson, Siemens, Bosch, Ikea, McDonald's, and many others.