Georg Kalter

Georg Kalter

From infographics to the global website, from healthcare campaigns to Capri Sun: everything comes together in Digital Communications. Launching the large number of exciting topics with a diverse team of highly specialized experts - that's the challenge Georg Kalter faces every day. When everything is running smoothly, he's happy. And if it doesn't, then he's on the phone right away.

Georg Kalter oversees Digital Communications and the office in Berlin Friedrichshain. With a team that includes Strategists, Copywriters and Designers through to Backend Programmers, (digital) communications are developed here. This task comprises website development, creating digital content (infographics, animations, tools), developing campaigns, print materials, e-learning, and gamification. This is done in close collaboration with other Edelman Germany digital teams: Digital Consulting and STUDIOS.

Georg Kalter has been active in online communications for more than ten years and has been with Edelman Digital since 2011. As Account and Project Manager, he has successfully implemented a wide range of digital projects: from comprehensive portals, product websites, print, to gaming, trade show booths, various Facebook applications, and finally to developing campaigns and coordinating international account teams. He has been head of project management and day-to-day operations since July 2015; since July 2017, he has managed the Berlin location and the Digital Communications division. In this role, he advises customers across divisions, continues the development of key business areas, and helps to maintain the balance of quality, fun at work and time in the dynamic everyday of the agency.

While working on his degree in North American studies, media studies, and modern history, Georg Kalter founded the start-up BandOrg together with friends. After completing his degree, he managed UX, project management, digital marketing, and CRM, and worked on the strategic orientation. As a freelance project manager, CRM manager, and copywriter, he consulted the editors of Cornelsen, among others, and leaned site building as well as the use of complex content management systems. As part of the online marketing teams at Universal Music International, he accompanied CRM measures for almost all of the renowned musicians in the roster of the largest recording label in the world before, in 2011, he too the experience he gained in global corporations and tiny start-ups and joined Edelman as Digital PM.

It's the diversity of topics and great colleagues that make Georg Kalter love going to work. And when he isn't busy working on new successes with the Digital team, then he's probably on tour with his band, in the mountains with his wife, or playing basketball somewhere in Berlin.