Alexander Schmidt

Alexander Schmidt

Understanding financial matters and communicating these in the right way to the right target groups is both a challenge and incentive each day. No project is like the other, each task has a broad range of facets - that is exactly what Alexander Schmidt loves about his job.

After starting in 2015 as Senior Adviser for Banking & Financial Services Firms, Alexander Schmidt has been head of Financial Relations at Edelman Germany since December 2016. His responsibilities include continual consulting for banks, listed companies, financial professional services providers and Alternative Investment Managers. His projects also include transactions and restructurings.

Alexander Schmidt is a specialist for the positioning of management boards and executive personnel, communications for transactions and extraordinary situations, stakeholder involvement, investor relations and classic press communications.

After earning a degree in German, Alexander Schmidt first joined a major German asset management firm before moving in 2005 to a listed company, where he worked, among others, in communications and investor relations. Following this, he made the switch to consulting. His focus here was always on capital markets, banks and financial service providers.

Ernest Hemingway said it best: The shortest answer is doing the thing.