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It's actually quite simple: German viewers with satellite TV who would like to watch the big private television channels in HD quality need to purchase the service HD+. Many SAT households, however, are not aware of this requirement. At the same time, analyses have shown that two-thirds of all households decide to purchase HD+ once they experience the difference between SD and HD. As part of the central theme "Mission: HD for Germany", HD+ implemented a nationwide integrated education and mobilization campaign.

How to achieve a broad impact without an enormous advertising budget? By packaging the key messages in fascinating stories that beg to be retold. We therefore decided to do a Germany-wide HD+ tour. By the end we wanted to have Germany's one true deep sea island - Heligoland - fully functional with 100% HD.

We wanted to achieve our objective with media activities and influencer marketing. For the finale, a happening staged by the municipality of Heligoland and a local shipping company ensured plenty of news value, with spectacular images of an extreme athlete suspended in a balancing act over the North Sea. High-quality video footage and images, real-time content marketing and in-depth media activities made it possible for the story to spread like wildfire all across the country - and to get the message out, just as we had planned.

Mission: Completed. 71.7 million readers (online and print), 9.5 million TV viewers, 37.8 million page impressions on Facebook, 1.6 million radio listeners - all without substantial media investments.


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