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25 years of Astra, 25 years of satellite TV in Germany! A true accomplishment and the perfect reason to celebrate - and communicate the advantages of satellite infrastructure compared to cable-based competitors. Those benefits aren't hard to spot: with high image and sound quality at a low cost, digital satellite TV presents a convincing case. So it comes as no surprise that most German television households watch their favorite TV programs via satellite. It's a message that requires good positioning, especially so that it can reach B2B executives in the media industry who want to achieve the best possible coverage for their channels and programs.

Germany's TV family convened in the "Filmcasino" in the heart of Munich to celebrate the birthday of satellite TV. They are all in attendance: Broadcasting executives and media managers, production companies and hardware providers, journalists, and policy makers. And all waiting on what will surely come next: opening remarks from their host. But then it happens, a spectacular - and calculated - hiccup: The speech by Astra-CEO is suddenly interrupted by a technical glitch. Confusion breaks out, followed by an awkward silence - but only among the guests. Then suddenly, the attendees are treated to a "live broadcast" of the "Astra Daily Show" - a retrospective of the first 25 years of the company's history, with plenty of good-natured self-irony.

We staged this anniversary event in the historic Filmcasino on a large square in central Munich, with just the right mix of pomp, pragmatism, creativity, and individual tuning. First-rate communications marketing: From the initial consultation to the event script, the creation and production of the "Astra Daily Show" to PR marketing for the anniversary celebration, we provided full-service support for the client. The result: a perfectly staged event. Excellent coverage. And plenty of conversations with executive-level decision makers. And the future impact? Priceless.


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