Nils Rottsahl

Head of Edelman STUDIOS & Executive Producer

Film is his passion - for all stories, sizes, and messages. Nils Rottsahl loves a good story, especially film ideas, new formats, elaborate stagings. His motto: No one enjoys being bored! People want to be moved and entertained. Whether the medium is a TV spot, YouTube video, or tutorial, the story and visual quality need to be on target. Otherwise it will be lost in the data and information jungle. That's the essence of our job.

As Head of Edelman STUDIOS & Executive Producer, Nils Rottsahl has been in charge of film, video, and image production for Edelman.ergo in Germany since 2012. Together with his team of creatives, producers, and film experts, he develops storytelling strategies and film ideas, and produces content for all relevant communication channels.

Before the establishment of Edelman STUDIOS, Nils Rottsahl worked for several years as an independent consultant and concept designer for Ketchum Pleon (now BBDO), where he managed Youth, Sports, and Entertainment. He also worked as a consultant and producer for brands like Duales System Deutschland (DSD) and Hitachi/Maxell, as well as for UN and BMZ campaigns, and was an independent format developer for various production companies and networks.


  • Nils Rottsahl: Head of Edelman STUDIOS & Executive Producer, Edelman, Deutschland
    • Nils Rottsahl
    • Managing Director – United Entertainment Group Germany & Executive Producer
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